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This Weekend Oct. 2nd, 2005 @ 04:46 pm
Oh man, this weekend makes me really mad!!

I ate too much junk food and got a stomach ache...

And I bet it was worse than anyone's stomach ache in north penn's band!!! grr
Current Mood: nauseatednauseated

you know, I don't know Jul. 18th, 2005 @ 12:45 am
Well, I just feel dizzy now, and I felt dizzy this morning. I went to church, which I really don't know what to think about. I am having the common problem with the set prayers (at least it seems to be a common concern of people). I just don't think there is a form when dealing with God. And alot of it has to do with interpretation, so really, it means what you want it to. Unfotunatly I find that I don't know what I want it to mean. If there are many meanings, then I just don't see the point. Parables, there you have it, stories Jesus told, and let the people interpret: I understand them but I don't get them. Also, this is a little thought I just had, isn't the possibility of eternal heaven or eternal hell a rather big deal: It just seems like it doesn't fit in church.

I was just thinking about the universe and God the other day. If the universe is infinite, and therefor will never end, how did it begin? Which brings God into the picture; he must have started it. So if he made time, it must not apply to him, because he made it and controls it. So, age old question, what is the point of life? Well, what is the point of God is what I ask. Why make time, why make a universe? Everything within it that begins must end, unless he intervenes (time doesn't apply to him, so beginning and end musn't). So he could grant eternal life no doubt, but...why?

You know, I don't know. You know I don't know. I know you don't know. We know nothing.

Wasn't that a nice sequence of statements. And to finish this off, a line from Donnie Darko: I could spend my whole life debating it and never really know, so I just don't debate it anymore, I just don't debate it.

"stolen from"'s are stupid... Jun. 15th, 2005 @ 11:15 pm
I will go with the fad, I know you care what I think, so comment and find out

01* I will write something I like about you.
02* I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
03* I will then tell you what song/movie/icon reminds me of you.
04* I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
05* I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
06* I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.

thoughts on stuff Jun. 12th, 2005 @ 07:38 pm
I have two theories about time. There is either one frame of time (the one we are in), and it forever goes forward, or with every instant, a new frame is made and time is played out in each individual frame. The second of the two more complex in that it would create infinite frames of time. It would also pose the question: are we in the first and forever ahead time frame or one of the others. The first theory on time makes time travel impossible, as there would only be one frame that you could not escape. The second would allow time travel to anywhere on the time line up to the very first and forever ahead time frame. In either one, history is unchangeable-you can't travel within one frame to affect it's present. In the second theory, another question comes up: is time already completely played out or is there a first and forever ahead frame of time? It seems more likely that there is only one frame of time and that time travel is impossible.
Current Mood: pondering

quiz May. 16th, 2005 @ 08:22 pm

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» well...
How do you put things in blue things? I know you know what I am talking about.

It seemed catchy to me, I don't know what music it goes with...but I know how it should sound

go, cry, somewhere else,
to someone other,
than myself,
I can't, stand, to hear you whine,
just go, somewhere else this time

everyone, knows what pain is,
can't you see, you aren't alone now?
unfortunately, I know you can,
that's what worries me,
what I can't stand

you still cry, all the time
so I ask why, how do you find the time?
inbetween, gasps for air,
I hear you yell, that's not fair!

well, don't I know? I'm living too,
just because, I don't yell my feelings too,
doesn't mean, that I'm heartless,
doesn't mean, I can take this

sure why not, I will listen,
if it helps, but I don't care so,
go, somewhere else, if you want,
someone other, than myself, to care.
» All I wanted...
All I wanted was to have a job, a place to work that is fun and has other kids my age that are nice, but that went down the freaking drain with my dad clinging to it. Yes, that is right, my dad returns to center stage again. I was never convinced that he was actually ruining my life, but this time, I can't deny it. He made me, to give the least of the story, wear a dress shirt and jeans to the Great Harvest bread store for my interview. It is a bread store...but no, I couldn't do the smart thing, my thing, and wear the t-shirt I had on, because my dad knows best. In fact, he would have had me wear a tie too, had my mother and I not both agreed to go casual. And of course, although it was my interview, and my job, and my cloths, and decision, he just had to make about himself in a general attitude of 'I guess I know nothing about job interviews seeing how I can't get them and always screw them up!' (with a misplaced curse word or two in there). I just don't get it: he is nice, and then mean and self pitying while simultaneously ruining everyone else's anything. So, you may be asking, what is so bad about the dress shirt? Well, 1.I had no khakis and wasn't going to wear a pair of black dress pants 2.It was a bread store, so casual it isn't funny and 3.It made me feel so dumb you could not believe and caused me to totally ruined the whole interview, and job, and chance to finally have something else than my home, crappy friends, and band.

Of course, there is always the chance they will hire me, unlikely as it is, as the manager didn't say no. But keep in mind that they did hire Elena Black, no offense intended, and she did apply after me.
» what did I do
my dad-"just shut up steve, I'm so digusted with you"

if you want the story, ask me...
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